2018's Biggest Social Media Losers - Where Not to Spend Your Brand's Time this Year - Ventrix Advertising
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2018’s Biggest Social Media Losers – Where Not to Spend Your Brand’s Time this Year

2018’s Biggest Social Media Losers – Where Not to Spend Your Brand’s Time this Year

According to the 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry report (bit.ly/2svUrO6), there are a number of social networking platforms falling out of favor with brand marketers. While some platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn are drawing increased attention from brand developers, others are falling by the wayside. If you want to know which social media marketing platforms you should spend less time on this year, following are the top three social sites you can make less of a priority.


According to this year’s study, 72% of marketers surveyed plan to spend less time marketing their brands on Snapchat. That’s a significant fall from grace. What used to be a hotbed of social media marketing activity for businesses is fast becoming a graveyard of customer acquisition opportunities. If you already have a strong following on Snapchat don’t give up on it, but investing time in Snapchat to build a following is likely not a wise investment of your marketing time at this point.


Pinterest used to be one of the top visual marketing platforms for brand builders. Instagram has now catapulted over Pinterest to take the top spot in the hearts of visual marketers. According to this year’s survey of brand marketers, 66% plan to use Instagram for their visual marketing efforts, while only 29% plan to use Pinterest. Use your time wisely on both platforms for maximum impact, but be aware Pinterest may be on a downhill slide as far as marketing ROI (return on investment) is concerned.


Surprisingly, Twitter is starting to lose the attention of marketers. Thanks to factors like an increasing amount of political vitriol and troll activity, a growing number of brand builders are finding less audience engagement on Twitter. With only 44% of surveyed marketers indicating they’re going to be spending more time building their brands on Twitter, it’s clear to see networking on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn are higher priorities for savvy brand marketers.

Understanding how marketing trends are changing is crucial if you want to make the most of your brand development efforts. Paying attention to social networking platforms that are becoming less beneficial to professional brand builders can help you prioritize your marketing time. Review your engagement rates on Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter to determine how much emphasis these social networking sites should receive from your company this year.

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