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5 Facebook Ad Trends Successful Marketers Are Focused On

5 Facebook Ad Trends Successful Marketers Are Focused On

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook can reach virtually any type of audience. Marketers are naturally drawn to the platform, using the sophisticated ad platform to target potential customers. Prices can vary, as with every ad platform using an auction system, but you can start with a low budget and scale up slowly. The popularity and sophistication of the Facebook ad platform, however, does mean that methods can grow stale over time. It is important to stay on top of trends, always considering how audiences are perceiving your campaigns. So what are the Facebook ad trends working right now?

Video Ads

Video ads are a valuable way of telling stories to users. You can create an initial video that introduces your brand to targeted audiences. Next, isolate the people who engaged with this video and show them a further video that promotes a lead magnet. There will be certain sections of your audience who won’t want to ready copy, so video plays an important role in gaining their attention.

Product Reviews

Product reviews can play a vital role in showing authenticity in your marketing campaigns. People are used to being sold products, with many of the common methods growing stale. Honest reviews from customers shows a different side to the brand, though, enabling people to put themselves into the reviewers shoes.


Retargeting is a key method for reaching targeted users on multiple occasions. The first contact a person has with your brand is unlikely to yield a sale. Promoting yourself or your offers on multiple occasions, though, lets consumers warm up to your business and messaging. Retargeting allows you to reach selected audiences who have shown a level of interest in your content.

Ad Fatigue

While retargeting can get your ads shown repeatedly, there is a trend on Facebook of ad fatigue. Many users are getting frustrated with being followed around by ads, highlighting privacy concerns that many people have. You don’t need to stop advertising, but it is worth lowering the frequency in your settings, limiting the number of times you show ads to people. This strategy can also save you money as you are not trying to promote something that is not resonating.

Mobile-First Content

Many of your target audience will be viewing content on a mobile device. It is important to factor this in when developing ads, thinking about the mobile experience. Vertical videos, for example, offer a great user experience on mobile devices, allowing people to watch in the format they were intended. Facebook Instant Experience lets you show a full screen promotion on mobile devices, with options for brand stories, forms, lookbooks, and more.

The Facebook ad platform has revolutionized many businesses, offering them a direct route to their target audience. The level of targeting can help businesses find niche groups, while also identifying related audiences that might not be immediately obvious. Facebook is incredibly popular, though, so you will always face competition. Understanding the trends that are working is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your campaigns stay fresh.

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