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7 Digital Marketing Strategies Offering a Positive ROI

7 Digital Marketing Strategies Offering a Positive ROI

There are numerous digital marketing strategies available, but how do you know what will provide a positive ROI? Most small businesses don’t have the time and resources to try every new approach. Therefore, the most effective strategies need to be at the heart of every campaign. Many strategies are also diverse, making it crucial that you work on the areas that suit your company. The following strategies make up a quality digital marketing campaign that works right now.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing benefits from a personal approach, with followers more likely to trust a recommendation. You can work with budgets of all sizes, targeting popular figures or micro-influencers to work alongside. Targeting is critical to the success of an influencer marketing campaign, so research your targets before reaching out. A tool like BuzzStream can help you find out if a person is a good match for your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of online life, with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram capable of driving huge amounts of traffic. Social media users aren’t typically looking for direct ads, though, and want to be given value by businesses. It can be worth adjusting your usual promotional material for each social site, focusing on the content that resonates with users. Provide quality content first, gaining the trust of your followers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has proven successful for many years, but you always need to adapt with the times. Content distribution has become increasingly important, with the sites you publish on making all the difference. Finding a smaller number of targeted partners can be more useful than a broad publishing plan. Also, look to create multimedia content where possible, appealing to different groups through their desired content style.


SEO remains an effective marketing strategy, but results will usually take an extended period. Many ranking pages will have been active for some time, making it tricky to dislodge them. You can start by analyzing the backlink profiles of the top sites, finding opportunities to gain links for the same places. An additional step is to find similarities between the top pages, aiming to create more superior content than your rivals.

Video Marketing

Video should be part of every marketing campaign, with many consumers preferring to watch content. Videos can be of varying lengths depending on the location of publication. Social media users, for example, usually want shorter content. YouTube viewers are willing to watch longer videos, but you should aim to keep them snappy and relevant. Live streams, though, can be longer if you can manage to engage viewers.

Email Marketing

Email might not feel like a fresh marketing tactic, but you can still build a profitable business based on the approach. Many elements of email marketing have stayed the same over the years, but you now have more options to segment audiences and send targeted content. The greater level of segmentation, the better response you will get from a tailored message. It is also important to personalize messages, helping to increase your engagement levels.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising offers a quick way to generate traffic, but you need to monitor your results closely to stay profitable. Sites like Facebook have seen ad costs rise, making it harder to profit. The level of targeting is impressive, though, so you can limit the reach of your ads. When you have an optimized campaign, you can increase the income from each buyer, allowing you to spend more on ads. Retargeting is one of the most effective tactics right now, ensuring consumers see your ads on multiple occasions.

Not every approach to marketing will work for your particular offers. The key is to test and optimize your campaigns, directing your resources to the areas that bring a positive ROI. There are so many methods that could potentially bring exceptional results, but most enterprises are operating with limited resources. Using each of these methods is the most effective way to market your business in 2020, maximizing the results for the time you invest.

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