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Are You Developing Targeted Landing Pages on Your Website?

Are You Developing Targeted Landing Pages on Your Website?

Landing pages are one of the main factors behind a highly converting website. A landing page is usually a self-contained page that focuses on a single goal. A user might click an advertisement or a link in an email, before arriving at a landing page designed to deliver a specific result. The aim could be to secure a sale, but landing pages can also get used to grow an email list, build a social media following, or develop a pre-launch sequence for a product launch. While this approach is relatively common, fewer businesses are creating a host of targeted landing pages. So what is a targeted landing page, and why should your business be focused on them?

What is a Targeted Landing Page?

A targeted landing page aims to narrow the focus of the page, sending specific groups of people to the content. For example, you could target by keyword, directing ad traffic to different pages depending on the keywords included in a search. Alternatively, you could group customers into several personas, creating pages aimed at appealing to a diverse audience. In some cases, the pages will be very similar, but adding additional personalization can make a big difference to the conversion rate.

What Are the Benefits of a Targeted Landing Page?

Developing multiple pages for your campaigns adds extra work to the overall process. However, some benefits can make additional effort worthwhile.

Better Conversion Rate

A landing page aims to provide a high conversion rate. Sending visitors to your homepage asks people to figure out what to do themselves, so, naturally, conversions would be low. By improving the targeting of each page, you can go further than a single landing page, without adding too much complexity.

Provides Improved Data

Campaigns find their feet when you get access to data. Analysis of data will show you what is working and where you can improve. A single landing page makes it trickier to analyze what a diverse audience is engaging with most. By adjusting each page, though, you can approach the data on a deeper level.

Allows for Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation ensures your messaging gets through to people. You can tailor content to different audiences, so it will inevitably sound more authentic. A fitness business, for example, might want to reach people looking to lose weight, along with those looking to build muscle. Building targeted pages allows you to segment the audience, providing a more streamlined experience for visitors.

Reduces Confusion for Visitors

It can be confusing when you click an ad or an email link, and the page you reach does not match the original content that enticed you to visit. This occurrence is common when you only use a single landing page. However, with targeted pages, the journey from the first contact to the landing page is seamless, never drawing attention to itself.

How Can You Build Multiple Landing Pages?

It is inefficient for most businesses to create landing pages from scratch. A quicker approach is to use a landing page builder, adapting existing templates. Leadpages, Unbounce, and Instapage are three premium options that streamline the process. You can choose from a library of templates, changing the design and content to meet your needs. Additionally, the analytics provide a quick view of your campaigns, allowing you to adjust pages based on results. You can also integrate the product with other apps, such as email service providers, analytics tools, and content management systems.

Targeted landing pages could be the next evolution for your business. If you have been directing visitors to generic pages, without clear goals and personalization, there is so much more you can achieve. A targeted landing page offers a better user experience so that you can benefit both your business and the visitor. Ultimately, updating your landing page approach is a straightforward process, making it one of the best ways to quickly improve your ROI.

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