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Five Top Tweaks for Digital Marketing Success in 2019

Five Top Tweaks for Digital Marketing Success in 2019

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts in 2019, it is imperative you take a strategic approach to customer acquisition. Updating your digital marketing strategy can have a long-lasting influence on your ability to acquire and retain customers. Knowing which areas of audience outreach offer the highest ROI (return on investment) is crucial for smart decision making. If you want help updating your digital marketing plan-of-action for 2019, following are five essential components of audience outreach you should analyze:

Influencer Trend Watching

Influencer marketing will be hotter than ever in 2019. For cash-strapped brands wanting to put the power of influencer marketing to work, consider integrating influencer trend watching into your digital marketing strategy. You needn’t pay for the services of an influencer to reap the rewards of influencer marketing. Track influencers on platforms like Instagram to see which types of products they’re promoting and which types of campaigns are generating audience interest. You can then use this information to updated your own content marketing and social media engagement strategies.

Chatbot technology

Artificial intelligence chatbots are an essential digital marketing outreach tool you should consider in 2019. Whether you integrate a chatbot into your website or use bot technology on platforms, like Facebook, the key is to realize just how powerful bots can be for building ongoing conversations with your customers. Review the hundreds of chatbot options at your disposal via sites like and you’ll be amazed at how many resources you can use to create stronger conversation opportunities in 2019.

SEO/Content Marketing

2019 is definitely the time to update your content outreach strategy. Dig into the data on your competitors’ SEO keywords and use your data analysis to update your search engine optimization strategy. When you combine data analysis, competitive research, SEO, and content marketing, you get a digital marketing strategy that is hard to beat.

Video Marketing

Video outreach is another digital marketing tactic you should be using in 2019. Update your brand’s video marketing strategy this year to include everything from news-jacking to voice-search optimized keywords in your titles and video descriptions. By combining multiple digital marketing components like voice SEO, trend analysis, and video marketing, you create an audience acquisition channel your competitors will have a tough time replicating.

Social Media Marketing

Just because platforms like Facebook are facing backlash over privacy scandals, that doesn’t mean your business should give up on social media in 2019. While some individuals and companies are jumping on the #DeleteFacebook bandwagon, that doesn’t mean you have to stop connecting with customers on social networks. Consider tweaking your social media marketing strategy to include outreach methods like social networking on niche forums related to your target audience. You can enjoy all the benefits of social media marketing while connecting with potential customers on the niche networks they’re already using. Check out to find niche forums specific to your industry.

These are the five top digital marketing tweaks you should be making for maximum business success in 2019. Understanding which outreach methods are offering the highest return on investment of time is critical if you want to update your digital marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness. Work on adjusting your audience acquisition efforts throughout the year and 2019 just might be your business’ most profitable year yet.

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