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Four Ways to Measure the Success of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Four Ways to Measure the Success of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Nobody can deny that the internet has made marketing more effective. However, the increased reach and engagement of the internet has also made it harder to measure a campaign’s success. After all, how can you keep track of thousands of links, ads, and pages spread throughout the internet without a big budget and staff? Well, the answer is to focus on measuring the four metrics outlined below.

Check your newsletter engagement

Newsletters are a tried-and-tested method to stay in touch with your recurring customers. By sharing news, special offers, and discounts with them through your newsletter you can build brand loyalty and increase your sales. However, how often are your customers really reading your emails and how often are they marking them as spam? Well, by using Email service providers you can measure your newsletter engagement rates and then compare them with others in your industry.

Measure your average load speed

Having a fast website is important to keep your visitors engaged. In our digital world, users’ attention span is measured in 10ths of seconds. So, you really can’t afford to have a slow loading page on your domain. According to statistics, the average loading speed of the top 50 e-stores in the world is 2.94 seconds (9.52 seconds for mobile). So, if huge websites with thousands of pages can manage those speeds, then you should strive to do even better.

Look at your voice search integration

Mobile users are becoming increasingly dependent on voice search to get what they want. Whether it’s finding an address or reading reviews, most mobile searches today are done using voice search. And since voice searches tend to have a strong purchase intent, you can’t afford to ignore this rising trend. So, make sure your website is optimized for mobile use and voice SEO and you’ll have a competitive edge over most of your competitors.

Measure your links’ authority

Collecting quality backlinks from authoritative sites is a sure way to get ranked highly by Google. On the other hand, having tons of low quality, spammy links pointing to your website will damage your site’s reputation and even hurt its visibility. You can increase your company’s marketing success by measuring your links every few months and getting rid of the bad ones. Research shows that the top e-stores have less than 2 percent bad links. So, you can use that metric to measure your backlink strategy success.

The internet has made marketing easier than ever. Today, even small mom-and-pop stores can target and engage millions of potential consumers. So, if your company’s website isn’t getting the traffic and conversions you need, keeping track of these four metrics will give you a good idea of where the problem lies.

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