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2018 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Get You Noticed

2018 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Get You Noticed

No matter whether you’re trying to promote a new business or bring some viewership to your website, you need to know about digital marketing. Most people find out about new businesses and websites via Google and social media these days. It isn’t enough to just keep working on SEO, you need to use the best digital marketing strategies to get noticed in 2018.

All of these strategies are powerful, cheap to carry out, and highly effective. Here are the best digital marketing strategies in 2018.

Smartphone App Marketing

Every entrepreneur needs to get acquainted with mobile marketing in 2018. More and more people are using their smartphones to access the web, buy products, and even use the services they love. Not only will building your mobile presence build your audience, it will also improve customer retention.

First off, you need to ensure that your website is as mobile-friendly as possible. If people can’t browse your content via their smartphone, you’re losing out on thousands of potential customers. Make sure you optimize every page on your website for mobile viewing.

It also helps to launch a mobile app for your business or website. Many businesses create apps that allow people to buy from them in a few clicks. This can increase sales and build customer loyalty. You can also use mobile apps to market to people with push notifications. Do this right and you’ll see an enormous boost in profits.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies. By reaching out to people on the networks they use daily, you can bring in a wider and more dedicated audience. While many businesses already have Facebook and Twitter channels, you need to adapt your social media marketing strategy for the modern age.

Reddit is one of the greatest sources of new viewers you can find. If you promote your content in relevant, niche subreddits, you can reach your desired audience directly. If you have an infographic or blog that goes viral, you could end up getting thousands of hits within days.

YouTube is also one of the most vital platforms for promotion. More people use YouTube daily than any other site, barring Google. If you can create video content that entertains, educates, and informs people, you could attract thousands of people to your website or company. YouTube videos also have the potential to go viral on social media, getting you a lot more attention.

Interactive Content Marketing

Content marketing is still incredibly effective in 2018, but just writing walls of texts won’t help. Adding visuals like pictures and videos will help. But to really optimize your content marketing, you need to start creating interactive content.

Interactive content is any kind of content that involves interaction with the reader. One of the easiest ways to do this is with polls and surveys. Asking for the reader’s opinion in a blog will help you keep them engaged and also collect useful data for future content.

Interactive infographics can also be huge. Showing data in a way that people can click on charts, graphs, and maps to get further information can draw them in.

Another good example is calculators. For instance, a personal finance blog might include a budgeting calculator. A fitness blog might have a calorie counting calculator.

Interactive content like this also benefits SEO. The longer people engage with your page, the lower your bounce rate and the higher your Google rankings will be.

Ebooks and White Papers

Having a blog is useful for creating short content that appeals to particular SEO keywords and draws readers in. However, 3000 plus word blogs can often intimidate readers. When it comes to long-form content, sometimes it’s better served in the form of an ebook or white paper.

These provide long, detailed, and informative content that might not fit the format of a blog. They’re usually delivered in PDF form and offered to readers who want more in-depth information.

If you have a dedicated audience, an educational ebook can help appeal to them. In fact, some blogs make a profit by selling these kinds of ebooks. For instance, fitness blogs can make money by selling ebooks on diet plans, fitness regimes, and other related topics their readers are interested in.

Modern Email Marketing

Email marketing has technically been around ever since the early days of the internet. But it’s still relevant in 2018. In fact, email marketing today might even be more effective than ever.

According to research by VentureBeat, email marketing can net you $38 for every $1 spent. This makes it one of the most valuable forms of digital marketing. Eye-catching emails can drive people to sales pages and drive up your profits fast.

Email marketing is simpler than ever thanks to simple online tools like MailChimp and GetResponse. You can schedule in regular emails that will appeal to your subscribers and bring them back to your page.

You can start building a mailing list by adding a subscribe form to your website and promoting it in your content. As far as email goes, you might want to contact people with your latest content and promotions. Remember to personalize emails to really catch people’s attention.

Update Your SEO

If you’re running any kind of business or website, you probably know all about SEO by now. However, SEO practices change all the time and if you don’t keep up to date, you’re missing out on tons of potential viewers.

Simply updating your content can help you get more hits. Make sure to focus on various long-tail keywords that people search regularly in 2018. Edit your old content to filter out any broken links and bring all the information up to date.

Posting current, relevant content will also help. For instance, while you might have posted guides in the past, posting a 2018 guide will help with SEO. Many people specifically search for the latest content, so simply adding the year (and even the month) can get you higher Google rankings.


Digital marketing isn’t going away any time soon. The most effective digital marketing strategies are always changing and you need to keep up to get noticed. These powerful digital marketing methods will help you get noticed, whether you’re running a business website or a small time blog.

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