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Why Higher Education Needs Marketing Automation

Why Higher Education Needs Marketing Automation

For many years now, corporations have used the principles of marketing automation to find new customers, convert prospects into eager buyers, lower their operating costs and build their brands. Now many college administrators are doing the same thing, adapting the principles of marketing automation and using them to attract the best and brightest students, engage their alumni populations and boost the donations they receive.

The value of marketing automation in higher education cannot be overstated, yet many in colleges and universities are still note taking advantage of its power. So just why is marketing automation so important, and why do educational institutions need to use it?

Costs Are On the Rise

The cost of college is on the rise, and the public is paying close attention. And while many students, and their parents, feel that tuition increases are the results of generous professorial salaries and out of control spending, the reality is actually quite different.

The truth is that administrative costs are on the rise, and those higher costs are driving tuition rates higher. Marketing automation can lower those administrative costs, driving down the price per student and helping keep tuition rises under control

Students (and Parents) Are Increasingly Concerned About Tuition Increases

The schools who fail to adopt the cost-saving principles of marketing automation do so at their peril. Increasingly, students, and their parents, are paying close attention to the cost of college, seeing higher education as a value proposition and voting with their tuition dollars.

The colleges and universities that adopt the principles of marketing automation will be better positioned to compete in this new world. By keeping their costs low and reaching out directly to the best prospects, these educational institutions can use marketing automation to compete more effectively for talent, raise more money from their alumni and establish the kinds of strong college brands that drive enrollment and bring in tuition dollars.

There is Growing Skepticism About the Value of Higher Education

It is not secret that the high cost of college has many people questioning the value of higher education. There is a growing skepticism about the value of higher education, with many parents and students wondering if college is still worth the high price.

This skepticism is taking root everywhere, not only in the conservative heartland but along the liberal coastlines as well. As the cost of college continues to rise, skepticism about tuition prices and the value of a college education are only expected to grow.

By reaching out directly to prospective students and demonstrating the value of a higher education, college administrators can use marketing automation techniques to drive up admissions and bring in more tuition dollars. As skepticism about the value of a college education continues to grow, competition will increase, and that makes marketing automation even more essential.

If your college is not yet using marketing automation techniques to drive enrollment, engage alumni and bring in donations, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. The level of competition has never been greater, and marketing automation can help your college or university stand out.

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